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On an average you can expect to pay between $25-50 per square foot on a deck upgrade project.

Composite decking is not cheap, but with our proprietary cost worksheet we provide the best price possible for our customers!

No Surprise Extra Charges Later On!

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Kitchen Facelifts


A kitchen renovation is the most lucrative investment you can make into your home. With our Co-Op remodeling service we can provide you with this service at rates you will not find anywhere else!

Kitchen Cost Estimate

Bathroom Upgrade


Next to Kitchen renovation, bathroom upgrades are the next key point in a home's market value.

At our Co-Op rates as low as $50 an hour we can transform your bathroom into your very own mini spa treatment center in just a couple weeks. All without breaking the bank!

Bathroom Cost Estimate

Flooring Replacement


From resurfacing to replacing CO-REMOD should be your first and only choice. By working hand and hand with your favorite contractor at rates as low as $2 per square foot installation, your beautiful floors are just a phone call away.

Flooring Cost Estimate

Trim Work & Final Touches


Probably one of the most affordable upgrade a home owner can make is adding some trim work. Sometimes these finishing touches can truly transform your home into that dream house!

CO-REMOD has the tools and knowledge to create beautiful custom artwork.

Trim Work Cost Estimate

Handyman Services


Need an extra hand on a job?

We provide skilled handyman services as low as $30 an hr.

Get that job done right and fast with an extra pair of knowledgeable hands!

Specialty services provided such as roof snow removal and shed builds.

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Below are rough estimates to give you an idea of our pricing


For a final Co-Op or NON Co-Op estimate please schedule an appointment below.

All estimate pricing found on this page include Co-Op rates where the customer provides his/her own labor and time to reduce costs!

Kitchen Cost Estimator


Designing and Preparation

Kitchen remodeling costs can become very expensive. Before we start on estimating the costs let's point out some tips to save you thousands of dollars.

1st = Try to keep your appliances in the same locations. This will help keep electrical & Plumbing costs to a minimum.

2nd = Stick with the same footprint! While having cabinets that are bigger may not matter, having unique bump in/outs can create the need for flooring work to be performed.

3rd = Remove as much yourself. Before removing anything consult with your contractor first.

Average Overall Cost

  • On a national average home owners spend approximately $17,000 on a kitchen remodel.
  • Utilizing some of the cost saving techniques mentioned in the first section our clients are more likely to spend $10-12K!
  • Of course all of this depends greatly on the selected cabinetry and appliances.
  • On an average we charge just $30-50 per cabinet installed. Double that for floor to ceiling cabinets.

Customizing and Finish Touches

  • We have the tools and knowledge to create beautiful artwork out of any wood.
  • Every kitchen remodel requires some bit of customizing to make it happen. It's just the nature of the beast. But with our flexible costs combined with a unique Co-Op strategy we can cut these extra costs down to a bare minimum.


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Bathroom Cost Estimator


Designing and Preparation

Just like kitchen remodeling there are very similar tips for keeping costs down.

1st = It may become a little more difficult creating that in house dream spa getaway while maintaining the same layout as far as sinks, toilets, baths, and showers are concerned. But if you're able to do so, the savings will be significant!

2nd = Weigh the cost of different flooring options available today. Of course we'd all love to have some exotic natural stone floors in our new spa room. This can always be added later on.

3rd = Most importantly consult with your contractor on all purchases. With so many manufacturers of showers, vanities, etc. not all are created equal. In fact some are lucky to last a decade at best.

Average Overall Cost

  • On an average a home owner can expect to spend roughly $9,000 on a bathroom remodel.
  • Master suites averaging $14,000
  • With CO-REMOD you save at least 30% over the average by utilizing our Co-Op service.
  • Our Co-Op Labor rates are just $50 an hr!

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Flooring Cost Estimator


Hardwood Installation

  1. Start by Multiplying each SQ Ft by $1.50 for removal and disposal of old flooring.
  2. Now add $50 per 100 SQ Ft for floor prep work.
  3. Now pick out your hardwood and add $2.00 Per SQ Ft Installation cost.

Hardwood Resurfacing

  1. Multiply SQ Ft by $2.25 and this is our average labor to resurface your hardwood floors.
  2. Now add $50 per 100Sq Ft for Materials.

NOTE: These prices can vary depending on pre-existing condition of your floor.

Tile Installation

  1. Multiply SQ Ft by $4.50 for average labor cost for installation.
  2. Now Add the cost of your selected tiles.
  3. Add an additional $1.00 per SQ Ft for Material & Job Supplies.

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