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Removing Snow From Your Roof Safely!

  • Roof snow removal is just one of our Handyman specialty services we provide. 
  • Avoid the costly mistake of ignoring ice damn buildups. Heavy snow can & has been known to cause structural failures as well!
  • This video demonstrates tools we use to avoid inadvertently causing damages to your shingles or gutters.
  • https://www.minnsnowta.com Purchase your own.

List of CO-REMOD Handyman Services


Door Knobs & Deadbolts

While this may seem like a relatively simple task to some, many would prefer a professional install. We provide this service at as low as $20 a set when you pick up the kit yourself.

Rooftop Snow Removal

Failure to remove heavy snow on your roof can lead to major costly repairs. Let us remove this hazard in a safe and affordable manner. Rates as low as $30($60 on Average) per roof clean.

Faucet Repairs

While we are not licensed plumbers ourselves, replacing an existing faucet set for a new one is well within our experience. Flat rates as low as $50 and again providing you pick up the set yourself.

Other Kitchen Repairs

Looking to swap out a faulty InSinkErator garbage disposal? No problem. We got you covered at just $60 per unit. 

Shed Building

Whether you're looking into one of those prefab jobbies at your local hardware store or perhaps something a little more structurally solid like a custom built one. We can get it done for less. 

Hourly Rates

Looking to hire a Handyman for that odd job around the house. Rates between $30-70 an hour depending on the skill sets required for the job.

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